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Very hot date at Christmas time!

Jay Dee & Taissia

The two jeans lesbians Taissia and Jay Dee have met at Christmas time! Both girls are wearing red Christmas caps! First they start to kiss each other. Then they stroke above each others jeans ass before it becomes even hotter: They lick their jeans pussies and enjoy every moment! They spread their legs so they can reach their pussies with their tongues even better before sitting down with their jeans asses at each others face! At the end they rub their jeans pussies hard - til they reach the climax!

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Two hot jeans lesbians and one dildo

Runa & Taissia

The two jeans lesbians Runa and Taissia are sitting together at the couch and suddenly start to touch each other! They stroke above their sexy jeans legs and gently kiss each other. Again and again their hands are moving along their legs, touching their jeans pussies - and they can't stop kissing! This is soo hot! And you have the great opportunity to watch them and to see every awesome detail - like the dildo which they use to satisfy each other...!

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Hot jeans lesbians lick each other

Candy Julia & Limonika

These two jeans lesbians starts caressing each other's jeans and then start kissing as well! Limonika and Candy-Julia get more and more naughty and enjoy every touch! Then they get on the couch and take turns licking each other's jeans pussies! They both moan with pleasure! They both can pull their legs back so far the other can lick comfortably. They enjoy it and you're allowed to watch!

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Sexy jeans lesbians and hot kisses

Genya & Veronika

The two jeans lesbians Genya and Veronika are very horny and can't resist... they have to touch each others sexy body nonstop! First they intensively kiss each other - and then start to kiss their hot jeans pussies too! The two lesbians enjoy their time together and become more and more horny with each spent minute... after some time they cannot resist any longer - and start to moan - til they are reaching the climax and have an awesome jeans orgasm!

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Taissia and Marry - Two hot jeans lesbians!

Marry & Taissia

Marry and Taissia are lying at the bed and tenderly sharing hot kisses! While doing so they come each other very close - and start stroking their sexy jeans pussies! The two girls are turned on soo much and therefore have to breathe deep in and out again! Then they start to lick each others jeans pussy and enjoy every second! You have the great opportunity to join them and listen every noise they make while doing so - til they reach an awesome orgasm!

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