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The jeans lesbians Mary and Louve

Louve & Mary

Louve and Mary are rubbing their hot jeans against each other, getting all hot and wet and horny! Then they grab the jeans asses of their lesbian girlfriend while kissing passionately! Then they get down on the couch, where they begin to pamper and stroke and lick each other! They love to feel the hands of the other all over their jeans! The tongue of their girlfriend makes them incredibly horny and wet. Even through the hard jeans they feel every movement and can give themselves over to passion completely!

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Hot lesbian kisses - until they come …

Elen & Louve

Elen and Louve love to touch and caress each other, rubbing their hot jeans asses. Both jeans lesbians are kissing their girlfriend, realizing soon how horny they both are! Elen is licking Louve's jeans pussy and they both enjoy it. Then they rub their jeans pussies against each other so that they can feel everything even more intensive. The two cannot get enough and the air around them crackles with passion! They bring each other to orgasm!

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Klara and Mikki ride to orgasm

Klara & Mikki

The jeans lesbians Klara and Mikki can't keep their hands off each other and kiss intensively on the couch. They get more and more into it and decide to take their play a little further. They lick each other's jeans pussy and get more and more horny. They just enjoy their selves, rub their jeans pussies and finally ride themselves to a mutual orgasm! That was really hot but pretty exhausting too! In the end they just continue to exchange hot kisses.

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An unforgotten orgasm

Dominica-Angi & Elen

Elen lolls on the comfy couch and touches her jeans pussy and her breasts when suddenly her friend Dominica-Angie walks into the room and gets horny right away when she sees Elen! She gets down on her knees in front of her friend and starts rubbing her private parts too. Both girls kiss each other passionately and Dominica also worships Elen's jeans pussy with her tongue. Elen really enjoys it and gets more and more horny. When Dominica also grabs her sexy jeans ass she finally has a great orgasm. They cuddle a little bit and then it's Elen's turn to return the favour. Dominica is pleased too and has an unforgivable orgasm too!

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Hot jeans lesbians are spoiling one another

Alicee & Nicky

Nicky pulls her girlfriend Alicee down on the bed where she is lying because she thinks that it's high time to caress her friend with her tongue again. At first the two jeans lesbians exchange passionate kisses and then they give each other a treat with the tongue, licking their jeans pussies. The two girls are enjoying being together, getting horny and eager for the other's female body. They are rubbing their hot jeans pussies together, fondling each other again and again. They are changing positions to better be able to rub together their hips and cunts. And that's the way they are driving each other to a joint orgasm. Afterwards they keep on lying on the bed, completely exhausted!

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