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Hot jeans licking

Olga & Rouse

Rouse's lying on the couch and checks out a celebrity poster on the wall. Then her friend Olga comes in and sees her hot jeans ass. Olga just can't resist this perfect opportunity and can't keep her hands off Rouse's body. Quickly these girls get into it and touch each other's jeans asses. Of course they also lick their pussies and their hot jeans asses. They kiss each other and love to be touched!

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Hot jeans lesbians

Alexandra & Viki

The hot jeans lesbians Alexandra and Viki start touching each other and after a while these sexy girls find themselves on the bed. Again and again they kiss each other and touch their hot jeans pants. They rub their bodies and the hard jeans fabric makes them even more horny. You're allowed to watch them, you're allowed to come very close - but you're not allowed to touch them. Just watch as these hotties getting horny, moan and lick their jeans pussies!

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Sexy kissing jeans girls

Melissa & Valery

Melissa takes Valery to the couch where she starts touching and caressing her. Valery's wearing hot jeans shorts and Melissa's allowed to touch her jeans pussy and caress it with her tongue. Then it's Melissa's time to relax and to get pampered by Valery's tongue - but you're only allowed to watch and enjoy. Then they rub each other's jeans pussies. Of course they're also kissing each other all the time and turn each other on!

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Lesbians orgasm on the couch

Diana & Kitty

Diana and Kitty start petting each other in the living room. They caress each other's jeans and get on the couch to make out. Then they start licking their jeans pussies and switch positions to show you their hot asses. They enjoy their hot bodies being watches by you and rub their bodies on each other. Diana is a little shy but Kitty makes her cum anyway!

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Watch them cumming!

Roxy & Victory

Sexy jeans girl Victory caresses her lesbian friend Roxy's jeans ass. They pet each other and caress their breats. Roxy licks Victory's jeans pussy and really comforts her with her tongue. They rub each other's jeans pussy and continue the petting to finally orgasm - of course Roxy's pussy's licked too! A really hot lesbian clip.

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